You Can Get Jersey Shore’s JWoww’s Bronzed Body with Her New Tanning Lotion «

    You Can Get Jersey Shore’s JWoww’s Bronzed Body with Her New Tanning Lotion

    Bada bing bada boom. Get on a reality TV show and you can choose to venture into any profession you choose. You want to make a work out video? You got it. You want your own skin care line? Sure thing. Now among the Kim Kardashians and Situations of the reality world, Jersey Shore’s Jenni “JWoww” Farley is the new reality-star-turned-celeb to come out with her own line of body products. The goddess of bronzed skin has just announced she’s partnering with Australian Gold to come out with her very own “JWoww’s Black Bronzer” tanning lotion. What’s “cha ching” in Italian? According to TMZ, the “JWoww’s” Black Bronzer comes in a bottle that she helped design. With each bottle sold, the reality star will make $2.50 and with a guarantee of 25,000 purchased bottles, “JWoww” will walk away with at least $62,500. Not too shabby for the 24-year-old. She has also been offered a nude photo spread for “Playboy” magazine, which she reportedly would receive $400,000. “Jersey Shore” co-star Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancolo snubbed “JWoww’s” “Playboy” offer saying she would never reveal her body for money. Sounds like there’s more than just GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) going on here. Not only is the guidette cashing in on some major deals, “JWoww” has also become an ambassador for breast cancer awareness. Say what? I’ve seen “JWoww’s” twins make plenty air time on “Jersey Shore” and we all know that the well-endowed star has gotten some help in the bust department. A reporter, thus, asked Farley how she could qualify her ambassadorship to breast cancer awareness when she smokes, tans, and has breast implants. The Long Island native responded, “It’s insulting to me to hear that because I smoke or had a breast augmentation that I shouldn’t be here. Everyone should be here … My personal habits of drinking and smoking take a back seat.” Although her tanning will always have shot gun. Will you buy “JWoww’s” Black Bronzer?

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