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    Winter Skin Care Tips & Advice

    Doctor, my skin is so-o-o dry, I feel like a snake that is moulting all the time!’ This is a common complaint in winter, when even oily skin can feel dry. In winter, not only is the air cool but it is considerably drier. Besides, dust and pollution and the intensity of the UV rays are also higher than usual. Hence, the skin tends to get drier in winter. There are many people who have had dry skin since childhood. This always gets aggravated in winter and they are also more prone to allergies because of the dryness. The most important part of your skin care routine in winter should be the use of an effective sunscreen lotion. Remember to use a sunscreen every single day. You might need to repeat the application around mid-day or before you go outdoors. There is a wide range of sunscreens available to suit each and every skin type, including oil-free gels. For your face, use facewashes meant for dry skins. Byand large it is better to avoid the foaming washes and use the gels or the water-soluble ones. When you find your skin beginning to dry, the first thing to do is to change the soap-preferably to a glycerine soap or, even better, a superfatted and moisturizing soap which is a neutral cleansing bar. If the dryness does not get better in about eight or ten days, then change your moisturizer. For the body, use moisturizing soaps or,better still, body washes. Avoid scrubbing and loofahs. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and are in an air-conditioned environment most of the time, you might need to use the soap only for your folds and private parts. At night use a cold cream or moisturizer meant for dry skin on your face. If you have oily skin, then use an oil-free moisturizer. Even if you do have oily skin, it is only your face and, perhaps, your scalp that is likely to remain oily in winter. Your body skin is not likely to be as oily. Hence, in winter you would need to use a moisturizer or cream for your body to protect against dry skin. Remember, the effect of any moisturizer or cold cream is double when used immediately after a hot water bath. If it is possible, take oil massages once or twice a week an hour or two before your bath. You can use olive oil or sunflower oil (yes, the edible variety). Your hair will also tend to dry a lot. Use shampoos meant for dry hair. Try to minimize shampooing to twice a week. Usea conditioner each and everytime you shampoo. You might need to switch to a conditioner meant for dry hair. If your scalp is dry, you might begin to get flaking and dandruff. In that case, you will need to use oil for your scalp/hair at least once a week. You can use the same oils as for your body, i.e., olive or sunflower. If you have an oily scalp, do remember to use a conditioner although you may not need oil.

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