Understanding Hoodia Gordonii and it’s Effects on Weight Loss «

    Understanding Hoodia Gordonii and it’s Effects on Weight Loss

    Among the many weight loss supplements out in the market, this “miracle plant” is suddenly skyrocketing in sales everywhere. From capsules and powders to flavored-lollipops, Hoodia is another phenomenal weight loss sensation for people aiming to shed pounds easily. So what is Hoodia? And why do so many people say it's the real “diet wonder”? The Wonder Pill This so-called wonder pill is actually derived from a cactus-like plant that grows wild in south Africa. Tribesmen from the Kalahari desert have known about Hoodia for thousands of years, eating its stem as they walk across the barren desert land to hunt without getting hungry or thirsty. And because of recent development and discovery of the appetite-suppressant properties of this rare plant, it is now considered to be a must-have ingredient for many weight loss products. Hoodia Gordonii works simply on the hypothalamus of the brain and suppresses the appetite. So if you have the intention to lose weight, hoodia pills would definitely help. But don’t get me wrong. It's not like you will just pop a pill and you will lose weight. You still have to work out to achieve better results. Hoodia is just an addition to a person's weight loss program. The rest is simply a matter of healthy choices and lifestyle. Dieting Tips As instructed, Hoodia pills or any of its form must be taken at least an hour prior to mealtime. Taking hoodia prior to eating can lead to a decreased appetite. You will expect to eat lesser than the usual servings you have without feeling dissatisfaction from the meal. Some experts advise consumers not to take the product in the morning. The thought is, if you take Hoodia first thing in the morning, you will eat less of your breakfast. While this may sound good, the body however, will go into starvation mode. And once it is on starvation mode, the metabolic rate will be drastically reduced and you’ll never be able to lose weight in such state. You have to eat enough calories per day for the body metabolism to function properly. For an effective diet plan, the trick is to take Hoodia one to two hours before lunch and dinner. But take it with caution. Because even though there were no reported side effects with pure Hoodia, some products may contain additives like caffeine that may cause certain reactions in some individuals. Another technique is to take Hoodia when you are craving for food that will lead you to eat excessively. But take note, don’t ever take Hoodia along with other weight loss supplements that have the same diet-suppressing effects. This will only cause you to eat very few and bring about a slow metabolism, which, of course, we do not want to happen. Weight Loss Tips with Hoodia While Hoodia will keep you in control of your caloric intake, keep in mind that it will not help in feeding your muscle not even in fat-burning because your capacity to burn calories and fat will most likely depend on the kind of activity you will perform. Most people, even though they are taking diet supplements, will not lose weight while living a sedentary lifestyle. Hence, a regular exercise regimen will definitely be necessary to achieve best weight loss results. Exercise will cause the body to burn more calories. And with the decreased caloric intake caused by hoodia, it will cause a calorie deficit which is why the body will be forced to use its fat reserves for energy consumption. Having a regular exercise will also help tone your skin and muscles and keep you looking fit and trim. It is also very important that you follow carefully the dosage instruction of your purchased Hoodia product. This will help keep the levels of Hoodia in the blood at a constant level, causing the brain to think that the person is not hungry, and that person will end up not eating as much as he used to. To effectively loose weight, it is essential that you are taking authentic Hoodia products. Pure Hoodia doesn’t contain other additives, so one can be assured that the risk for developing adverse effects is kept to a minimum. But if you have a sensitive medical condition, it is advised that you refer your plans on taking Hoodia to your physician first. You must also make sure that you are taking the south African Hoodia specie, because only this variety contains the P57 molecule that fends off hunger and thirst. Lastly, you should understand that Hoodia is simply an aid and not the ultimate solution for a successful weight loss regime.

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