Types of Medical Treatments for Female Hair Loss «

    Types of Medical Treatments for Female Hair Loss

    First some points regarding Female hair loss which you should consider - * There are several female hair loss treatments available. You can use any of them depending on your hair and need. * Before you go for any of the treatment talking to your doctor is very much essential. * According to his advice go through some tests, so as to ascertain the nature of the infection. * After the tests only, you should go through the treatments available for female hair loss. Medicines for Female Hair Loss – Different medicines are available for female hair loss treatment. These medicines can be used in different types of female hair loss problems. 1. Minoxidi is such a medicine, which can be used for treating hair loss. This is available even without a prescription. 2. Finasteride is another medicine for female hair loss treatment. But to buy it, you will need a prescription. 3. These medicines are used on the scalp These medicines will save you from baldness Medicines are useful for a quick result. But before taking the medicine, you should 1. Discuss with your physician 2. Go for the tests he asks you to go for 3. Get the reports 4. Discuss the results with the doctor Female Hair Loss Treating by Hormonal Imbalance – Due to hormonal imbalance also hair loss occurs in female. For treating hormonal imbalance – 1. There are several medicines available for treating hormonal imbalance. You can choose any of them. But before using any medicine discuss with your doctor. 2. Hormonal imbalances get corrected over time. So, if you do not want to use medicines, then discuss with your doctor what else you can do to reduce the hormonal imbalance in your body. Treating abnormal hormonal activities – Sometimes due to abnormal activity of the female hormones, hair loss may happen. In such cases, you should discuss with your doctor what to do, as this can be harmful to your hairs. The medicines may have side effects and may hamper your body or health, so make sure you take them after your doctor prescribes them to you. Growth Stimulants: Growth stimulants can be used to treat hair loss in female. These growth stimulants stimulate the growth of hair and your hair increases. So use of these medicines can help you to get more hairs. But before using them, you should be sure about your problem. So, blood test and taking advice from a qualified doctor is very important. Then only go for such medicines. One example of such medicine is Minoxidil. Be careful when using such medicines. The article has been submitted Anonymously to MedsAvailable 0. Select ratingPoorOkayGoodGreatAwesome

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