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    Treat Headaches with Homeopathy

    Headaches are an extremely common complaint. Most are due to muscular tension in the head, neck or shoulders, or congestion of the blood vessels supplying blood to the brain or the muscles. Although headaches can be a symptom of a serious underlying disorder, they usually have more mundane causes. These include: lack of sleep too much caffeine or abrupt withdrawal from caffeine food allergy eyestrain fever low blood sugar (accompanied by a drop in energy if some time has passed between meals) anxiety, stress and fright. Rheumatism in the neck, sinusitis or premenstrual tension may also be causes. Sudden, violent headache Symptoms: Severe pain that comes on suddenly. Brain feels too big for the head, and there is a sensation of a tight band or cap around the head. Severe anxiety with a fear of dying, even to the point of predicting the time of death. Remedy and dosage: Aconite, take 30c every 10-15 minutes for up to ten doses. Throbbing headache from heat Symptoms: Bursting, throbbing, drumming headache. Face becomes bright red and the pupils become enlarged, creating a staring appearance. Headache may be associated with delirium if very severe. Often worse on the right side. Remedy and dosage: Belladonna, take 30c every 10-15 minutes for up to ten doses. Bursting, crushing headache Symptoms: Sharp, stabbing pain results from even the slightest eye movement. No desire to talk to anyone. Head feels as if it is about to break into pieces. Remedy and dosage: Bryonia, take 30c every 10-15 minutes for up to ten doses. Headache caused by emotional stress Symptoms: Pain is very severe, as if a nail is being forced through the side of the head. Sensation of a tight band across the forehead. Remedy and dosage: Ignatia, take 30c every 10-15 minutes for up to ten doses. Headache from muscular tension in the neck Symptoms: Headache at the top of the head or spreading to or from the neck. A feeling of pressure at the top of the head or a full sensation as if it might open up. Eye pain Neck stiffness, spreading across the shoulders Neck spasms Remedy and dosage: Cimic, take 6c every hour for up to six doses. Headache from a hangover, with nausea Symptoms: Headache with a sensation of a great weight bearing down on the head. Extreme irritability and a tendency to be hypercritical. Dizziness Remedy and dosage: Nux vomica, take 6c every hour for up to six doses. Self-help treatments Avoiding stress, fatigue and physical tension and learning to relax can help to prevent and reduce the frequency of headaches and migraines. For headaches, take potassium supplements and vitamin B3 and avoid vitamin A supplements. Another means of preventing migraines is to avoid foods and drinks that are known to trigger them. Eliminate these, one at a time, for about four weeks and then gradually reintroduce them to see if any trigger a migraine. Avoid all food additives. If the migraine is worse around menstruation, avoid salty foods, eat protein-rich or complex carbohydrate snacks, rather than large meals, and take 30 minutes outdoor exercise every day. Migraine sufferers should also stop smoking and taking oral contraceptives and avoid wearing perfumes and using perfumed products. Take evening primrose oil and vitamins B6, C and E and add fresh ginger to cooking. If a migraine is beginning, splash the face with cold water for a few minutes, lie down in a darkened, quiet room and try to sleep. If the migraine does not respond to this treatment, apply hot compresses to the forehead.

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