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    Untoward incidents, accidents and diseases could not be ruled out while traveling. Before embarking on your journey, make sure that you have travel insurance to take care of you and your family if something goes wrong while vacationing. Travel insurance Nearly every prominent insurance company offers travel insurance policies. While travel insurance is of utmost necessity while traveling abroad, you can even consider purchasing an insurance policy while vacationing within your country. Risks covered by travel insurance Depending upon the nature of your trip, select a travel insurance plan that covers most of the risks, you might face in your trip. Medical expenses This is by large the most important risk that is covered by all travel insurance plans. A good travel insurance policy should cover cost of hospitalization, physician's fees, ambulance services and diagnostic testing costs. However, insurance companies will bear the medical expenses only up to a maximum number of days or up to a maximum amount, which ever is less. Read the offer document carefully, before purchasing a travel insurance policy. Checked baggage loss and delay Travelers could receive compensations for loss of checked in baggage. Delay in arrival of checked in baggage, which is a common problem faced by international travelers, is compensated by travel insurance policies. You can receive compensation for purchasing emergency personal items at a reasonable cost. Loss of passport No overseas traveler hopes to lose his/her passport while traveling abroad. However, if you are unfortunate enough to lose your passport, your insurance company will bear the cost incurred in obtaining a new/duplicate passport. Other risks Other equally important risks that should be covered by a good travel insurance plan include trip delay, trip cancellation, personal accident, medical evacuation and repatriation, accidental death or injury, legal assistance and overseas funeral. Even personal liability, in which compensation is paid to a third party for damages or injury caused involuntarily by the traveler, should be covered by a good travel insurance plan. A standard travel insurance policy usually covers trips from 7 days up to 180 days. However, most insurance companies allow travelers to extend the policy online.

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