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    ‘Drunk’ actor Nick Cage arrested in New Orleans

    LOS ANGELES (AFP) – US actor Nicolas Cage has been arrested in the southern city of New Orleans “after getting drunk” and having a heated argument with his wife in the French Quarter, police said. Cage, who won an Oscar for his portrayal of a suicidal alcoholic in the 1995 film “Leaving Las Vegas,” was arrested after officers approached him while he argued with his wife on the street. The...

    Judge approves 4 test cases against UK tabloid

    LONDON – Actress Sienna Miller and three other alleged victims of a British tabloid phone-hacking scandal could push ahead with suing the News of The World newspaper, a judge said Friday. High Court judge Geoffrey Vos said the four cases should not be delayed by an ongoing criminal investigation into the tabloid’s conduct. Police were investigating the paper to establish its role in a series of illegal...

    New film shows struggles of North Koreans in South

    SEOUL, South Korea – A young man climbs a dusty, narrow staircase toward a job interview. A kindly police officer walking ahead of him looks back and says, “Don’t tell him you’re from North Korea, OK?” The telling scene comes early in “The Journals of Musan,” a dark and brooding South Korean movie that has won international acclaim for its portrayal of the struggles faced...

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