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    Best and Worst Highlights for Your Hair Type

    Considering highlights or wondering what went wrong with yours? Let these celebrities guide you towards the best (and away from the worst) highlights for your hair type.

    How to Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

    Whether you just spent three hours sitting in a salon or three hours trying to remove the at-home dye from your forehead, it is equally frustrating to see your precious color swirl out of your hair and down the shower drain when you wash it. While some of that excess product needs to rinse out, the week-to-week color fading doesn’t have to happen. To prove it, we consulted celebrity colorist, Marie Robinson,...

    6 Readers Put an At-Home Hair Color Foam to the Test

    Change can be difficult. Think about it. Don’t you miss the days when gas cost less than $3? Or, say, when women’s jeans were skinnier than men’s or not every single person (and their mother) had a tattoo? But, while some things are better left alone, change can, admittedly, be good — especially when it comes to innovative hair care. While at-home hair color has always existed in liquid...

    Hair Care: How To Straighten Hair Like a Pro

    Urban legends abound in the beauty world. These are specific hair care myths and stories that get passed from woman to woman, generation to generation. They run the gamut, but consist of fanatical ideas women believe to be true like “split ends are reversible” and “pluck one grey hair and two will come to its funeral.” One of our personal favorite hair care fairytales is some women just...

    The Facts About Thinning Hair and Hair Growth

    Although balding is more of an overtly male disease, according to the American Hair Loss Association, women actually make up 40 percent of hair loss sufferers. And just so you know, a hair grows about a half-inch per month from its follicle. Each individual hair grows for two to six years, rests, falls out, then new hair grows in its place. Unfortunately, sometimes, when a hair falls out, a new hair does not...

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