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    Top 10 Mascara Splurges and Steals

    All cosmetic companies believe their mascara is the best one on the market, but which ones actually are the best? Stop living with hearsay and begin with these top mascara splurges and steals, so you can find the best mascara for your budget and maybe still have enough for that matching handbag. 1. L’Oreal Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara(Steal) PricegrabberL’Oreal Clean Definition Telescopic Mascara is officially one of my all-time favorite mascaras. This mascara offers a long and luscious, yet natural, lash that applies easily without clumping. Honestly I’ve received the most compliments on how great my lashes look, while wearing this mascara. Sure, it’s not a new and technologically advanced formula, but sometimes an “original” can end up working the best. Read Review Sponsored Links Make up School School that has trained the highest number of successful artists Discounted NYX Cosmetics Save Up to 30% Same Day Shipping! Special Additional 10% Discount Tigi Products Great Discounts On Your Favourite Tigi Products. Fast Delivery Too 2. Lancome Definicils(Splurge) PricegrabberLancome Definicils is a favorite mascara splurge for nearly everyone. It does everything you would ever want your mascara to do, including staying in place and not flaking. Lancome Definicils is so good, even the little mini-tubes you receive as a sample are wonderful. The patented wand actually coats every single lash on your eye from root to tip, so be prepared to tell strangers that they actually are your real lashes. Available in five colors to suit everyone’s needs. 3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara(Steal) PricegrabberMaybelline Great Lash mascara is a definite staple when it comes to top mascara steals. It has been around for over 35 years and is still going strong and loved by makeup artists world wide. The pink and green tube is almost iconic and buying one can almost transport you back to your younger years when all of your girlfriends used it. Available in a good variety of colors and shades as well. 4. Diorshow Mascara(Splurge) PricegrabberDiorshow has to be one of the favorite mascara splurges for everyone. This mascara gives any wearer the longest and thickest lashes they have ever seen. So if you want to look like you just stepped off the catwalk in Milan, Diorshow would be a good pick. Available in three great colors, including a ultra-cool royal blue. 5. Clinique High Definition Lashes Brush then Comb Mascara(Steal) PricegrabberClinique did great with this high definition mascara, which makes them a definite top mascara steal. This mascara was Allure Editor’s Choice for 2006, giving you a dual-edged wand to help coat each lash and then build and separate. A wonderful wand to use on the bottom lashes, so you’re not stuck cleaning up smudges from an enormous mascara wand. Available in two colors for those that wants a little more natural lash. 6. Chanel Inimitable Mascara(Splurge) PricegrabberEverything Chanel makes is the best and their mascara is no different. Chanel Inimitable mascara is a definite must-have top mascara splurge. A 2007 CEW Beauty Award Winner, Chanel Inimitable definitely can run with the other “big dogs” of mascara. This is one of the few types of mascara that actually live up to the promise of lengthening your lashes, even if they are short. The regular formula stays in place all day, and the water proof stays through practically anything. The waterproof is available in Bronze, and the regular formula is available in three shades and a fourth limited-edition shade. 7. L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara(Steal) PricegrabberA really great double-sided mascara that lives up to the top mascara steals. One end has a white, fortifying and extending, base coat while the other end contains one of the five fabulous mascara colors available. L’Oreal boasts that Double Extend will make your lashes 60% longer and more lush, and at this price who wouldn’t want that? Available in five colors as well as a waterproof line. 8. Cargo blu_ray Mascara(Splurge) PricegrabberA great no clump mascara splurge that lengthens, curls, and separates to boot. The wand is a specialized flat wand that is easy to use and gives your lashes a great high definition look. Available only in black, but what other color would you need for a great HD effect? Read Review Sponsored Links Ask Miss Beauty Nerd Have a beauty question? Pick the brains of a beauty insider! Permanent Make-up/Falten -unterspritzen Microdermabrasion Intensivseminare München 9. Cover Girl LashBlast(Steal) PricegrabberCover Girl LashBlast is a great newer top mascara steal. The mascara wand is loaded with bristles that seem to wrap around every single eyelash on your eye. Not only does it boost your lashes, but it’s also clump-free, smudge proof, and very easy to apply. The bonus? It washes off easily, so you don’t have to rummage through your makeup cabinet for your eye makeup remover. Available in four colors, as well as a new waterproof formula. Read Review 10. Guerlain Le 2 de Guerlain Mascara(Splurge) PricegrabberGuerlain Le 2 de Guerlain mascara has been popping up in fashion magazines for months and definitely ranks well on the top mascara splurge list. The packaging itself is almost worth the money paid, because of its beautiful and fashionable design. The mascara comes with two wands, a normal wand and a mini-wand. The mini-wand is fabulous to reach every little eyelash on your eyes. The formulation is quick drying and doesn’t smudge or clump, plus it can be washed off easily with soap and warm water. Available in four colors, including two fun shades; blue and violet. 11. Avon SuperShock Mascara(Steal) PricegrabberAvon SuperShock mascara is a definite top mascara steal. The name SuperShock definitely lives up to its name because you may be shocked when you see how much it dramatically transforms your lashes for so little money. The wand is very unique for lower end lines since it is a rubber-like bristle, which is normally found in some Dior or Chanel mascara wands. The mascara formula is non-clumping, non-flaking, and definitely builds and separates your lashes. Available in four colors, including a fun Navy blue shade.

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