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    Skin Types – diffrent types of skin

    Each human being is different. Which means, different people have different skins which react differently to different cosmetics. So that’s probably why a particular lotion might make your sister’s skin glow, but makes yours look like an oil factory! It is important to keep the structure of the skin in mind while looking after your skin. The crucial parts of the skin that determine what kind of skin you have, whether dry or not, are the upper few layers of the epidermis. The following pages will give you an idea of how to take care of different skin types – oily, combination and dry skin; fair and dark skin; mature and sensitive skin. Know what is your Skin Type Dry Skin – Most people try to combat dry skin by saturating it with oil – not the best plan if you realize that dry skin is actually thirsty. What it needs is a regular supply of water as well as a boost by using the right face creams. This is very delicate kind of skin and dry with a tendency of getting scales on the cheeks. This type of skin is highly susceptible to extremities of weather conditions. Strong perfumed skin care products are harmful for this type of skin. More exposure to sun, room heaters and air conditioners should is also harmful for this kind of skin. Oily Skin – You win the jackpot on the ageing lotery if you suffer from oily skin. But while the unsightly lines and wrinkles of premature ageing are kept at bay until later in life, oily skin presents its owner with somthing of a paradox. Both the best and the worst thing about the oily skin type is that it secrets a lot of sebum. This type of skin is thick, shiny or coarse. Pimples or dark shadows are maximum susceptible to this kind of skin. Proper care should be taken for such type of skin and the face should be washed frequently. Combination Skin – Combination Skins have a T-zone that is generally oilier that other areas, with the cheeks suffering from intermittent drness. Sadly, nobody has yet invented a product that can successfully deviever oil to cerain areas while absorbing it from others, so the best way treat combinationskin is to treat it in a seperate sections. This type of skin is a mixture of oily and dry skin. The forehead and the nose is greasy down the bridge in this type of skin. Oiliness makes a T-zone on the face. The rest of the face is either dry or normal. Sensitive Skin – Nearly everybody experiences the odd allergic reaction at some point, but truly sensitive skin is quite rare. If you are unlucky enough to have the kind of complexion that flares up frequently, treat it as if it were dry: avoid harsh products that contain alcohol or surfactants (detergents used in certain cleansers and soaps), and choose products that are not highly scented. sensitive skin has a fine texture with a tendency be much rosier than you think. This type of skin is very soft and prone to allergies. Factors like sunlight, cosmetic like strong perfume causes allergy and dermatitis

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