Removing Makeup – How to Remove Makeup «

    Removing Makeup – How to Remove Makeup

    A good makeup remover is essential. Among the many creams, gels, mousses and wash off cleansers on the market is a formulation for every skin type. A new addition to the range is moist wipes, which will remove everything from the sheerest whisper of powder to the most stubborn patch of foundation. Removing eye makeup Use cotton balls dipped in baby oil and then wash face with dove soap also moisturises the face. Aloe Vera and Vitamin E allowing you to remove eye make up easily with calming effects. Use cheapest petroleum jelly and old washcloth dampened with very warm water to remove eye make up. Eye makeup requires a gentle solvent that is removes mascara and rinses off easily. Makeup Removers Using baby oil to remove make-up is great but wash your face well with soap and water afterward or also your pores will get clogged. Use olive oil from kitchen.It removes make up very easily. Use almond oil .It works great and is very cheap and good for the skin too. Apply milk or plain yogurt to face with a cotton ball, then rinse.

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