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    Lose Weight With Coconut Oil

    It is difficult to believe that the fat rich coconut oil could aid weight loss. However, several studies have shown that fatty acids present in coconut oil are not harmful for our health. Instead of pushing up your body weight, coconut oil fat could bring it down. It has been observed that inhabitants in tropical countries where coconut oil is primarily used in traditional cuisine have significantly lower rate of obesity and heart diseases. Coconut oil for weight loss Low calorie oil Virgin coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA). Among fatty acids, MCFA contains the least calorie. From one gram of coconut oil, you can get 6.8 calories. On the other hand, you will get excess two calories from one gram of other vegetable oils with longer fatty acid chains. Therefore, coconut oil could be included in low calorie diets. Boosts fat metabolism Besides providing you lesser calories, coconut oil could stimulate fat metabolism. The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil could help your body to burn fat by increasing thermogenesis. Moreover, coconut oil could reprogram the liver to burn fat instead of storing it. Soon after digestion, the fatty acids are carried to the liver, where the liver promptly breaks them to release energy. Improves thyroid function Poor thyroid function is often blamed for slow metabolism rate. Coconut oil is beneficial for the thyroid gland. By improving the health of the thyroid gland, coconut oil might restore the normal metabolism rate and aid weight loss. Using coconut oil for weight loss However, only virgin coconut oil aids weight loss. Hydrogenated oil will not melt your body fat. Hydrogenated or processed coconut oil will raise your body weight and lipid levels in the blood. Including two to three tablespoons of virgin coconut oil in your weight loss diet might help you to reach your target body weight when combined with regular workouts. You can use coconut oil for sautéing vegetables or cooking lean meat. You can add it to salads and sauces.

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