Importance of Pregnancy Insurance «

    Importance of Pregnancy Insurance

    In developing countries, very few pregnant women have maternity insurance coverage. In developed countries such as US, about 13 percent pregnant women are uninsured. Lack of a pregnancy insurance policy could severely impair prenatal health care. According to statistics, 57 percent pregnant women without maternity health insurance begin their prenatal health check up from the second trimester of pregnancy. Benefits of pregnancy insurance Although, maternity insurance is included in the health benefits provided by organizations, often the employee is forced to pay extra to cover the cost of maternity benefits. It is always advisable to include maternity health benefits in a health insurance policy, especially if you are a young woman planning a family. Maternity insurance coverage Maternity insurance usually provides a number of benefits. It covers medical expenses including physician's fee, hospitalization charges and charges for diagnostic and lab tests. In addition, maternity insurance might even cover cost of dental care, eye care, costs of alternative medicines and prescription medicines including costs of prenatal vitamins and supplements. It is always advisable to buy a pregnancy insurance policy before conception. Most health insurance policies that cover maternity benefits or exclusive maternity insurance policies often contain a pre-existing condition clause that will not fund costs of prenatal health care and delivery if a woman is pregnant when she buys the pregnancy insurance policy. In such a circumstance, you can opt for a government-funded program that safeguards the health of women. However, state run programs usually fund pregnancy health care costs of low-income women. During pregnancy, you would require a number of diagnostic and lab works. Check whether the diagnostic and lab works are covered by the maternity insurance policy. Check whether the insurance policy will cover the entire cost of tests, or whether there is a maximum limit or a specific percentage of the total prenatal cost, which will be funded by the insurance company. Sometimes to avail the service of the insurance company you must choose physicians from their preferred network. Such health insurance providers with in-network physicians are known as Preferred Provider Organization. However, if your preferred physicians are not included in the in-network physician list of the insurance agency, you can opt for Health Maintenance Organizations that enable you to choose any physician of your choice. Although it is always safe to opt for in-hospital deliveries and specialized doctors, if you could not manage to pay the higher premium demanded by insurance companies to cover advanced medical costs, you can buy a cheaper maternity insurance policy that covers midwives, birth centers, home births and alternative medicine. Some pregnancy insurance policies even cover the cost of postnatal care. The amount of coverage is directly related to delivery, whether complications develop after birth or if surgeries are required. Usually first one or two postnatal checkups are covered by pregnancy insurance policies.

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