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    How to Cope with Eating Disorders

    In this day and age of rising incidence of obesity, more and more adolescents and young adults are succumbing to eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, in efforts to curb unwanted weight gain. If you are one of those suffering one of these disorders, you may find it difficult to have other people understand you while you struggle to get free from them. How does one cope with eating disorders? Before we deal with that, it may be best to explain how they usually come about. What makes them very difficult to get out of is that they are really perceived to deliver the results a person wants to see in terms of weight loss. For example, a woman suffering from anorexia may not necessarily be fat, but if she thinks she is, chances are she will starve herself, and the results is an inevitable weight loss. She can perceive herself to be losing weight and like it, even without realizing that she does not need to lose anymore. The same is true for a person struggling with bulimia. After first trying to barf out the high-calorie meal she has eaten, she soon sees that she has not gained weight, because after all, she puked out the food while still having enjoyed it. The process of eating uncontrollably and just dislodging it from the stomach can become highly addictive. This explains the necessity of dealing with something deeper than the external behavior of not eating or eating too much and just vomiting it out. We need to deal with the root of the problem. Following are basic things that you can consider while you are trying to cope with an eating disorder: 1. The problem starts with self-esteem. The usual cause of eating disorders is a constant barrage of hurtful words or unhealthy challenges for a sexier, leaner body. This means that the first step in dealing with the problem is to understand your deeper need, which is to feel important just as you are. You need to understand that you are unique, created for something special, a role that nobody else can fill. You need to develop the mindset that you are not defined by how you look even if that is what everything in the media tells you. Once you are confident of who you are as a person, exercise and even eating healthily will just come more easily, sometimes even as a natural outcome. This is in contrast to the time when you were struggling with your food intake in a very conscious manner, which usually ended up with you starving yourself to avoid overeating, or succumbing to bingeing and then needing to bring it all back up out of fear of gaining even the slightest ounce. 2. If you are anorexic and would like to go back to eating normally, do not force yourself to eat normal portions of food straightaway. Remember, the human stomach adjusts to the volume of food it is used to containing, and when it has been so accustomed to just holding very little, you will get a stomachache when you force it beyond its capacity. Give yourself a little allowance and just try to eat a little more at a time. Of course, this can be ushered by a right understanding of food, that it is not the enemy. Once you understand this, and how some types of food can be eaten in large portions without fearing weight gain, such as fruits and vegetables, you can rest easier and let go of the perennial fear of getting fat. 3. Surround yourself with friends who understand your struggle. Although people around you will tend to judge you, true friends will understand that you did not intend to harm your body and you were simply taken away by your emotions. When you have a support system around you who loves you just as you are, it will make the journey go much easier. In any case, if you are coping with eating disorders, know that you are not alone in this and there are many others in the world who have been their victims but have risen above the circumstances. There is hope, and you can be among the victorious ones because you were designed to succeed and have an abundant life, the master over everything including food intake and weight problems.

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