How a Spiritual Life Can Affect Your Health «

    How a Spiritual Life Can Affect Your Health

    The human race is plagued by many sicknesses, with an apparently higher number towards these recent times than ever. For example, whereas cancer used to be a very occasional disease many generations ago, now it seems that every family has at least one relative that has it. Interestingly, in the midst of all the medical advancement in terms of cures and medication, some people are turning more into something less tangible. More people are looking into the spiritual side of things to deal with diseases, especially with the more serious cases. Does spirituality really affect one's physical health? Or is it more of a comfort zone for those who are already struggling physically? Science has actually performed several studies to look into the effects of having an active spiritual life on one's physical health, and here are the top findings. 1. Those who go to church regularly tend to cope better with sickness. It could likely be that the spiritual side of things broadens their perspective in accepting the illness, as well as in believing for a possible cure. This perhaps explains why many people flock to pranic healing or any other spiritual healing gatherings or crusades. Deep within each of us is an inherent need to believe there is something out there bigger than ourselves. 2. The practice of glossolalia, or known in Christian circles as speaking in tongues, has been studied in terms of its effects on the brain and the immune system. Christians believe that it boosts the immune system, and a non-Christian group of doctors placed sensor devices on a person while he was speaking in tongues. The graph showed an active movement on one part of the brain that does not get activated under other known circumstances. Interestingly, medical science also acknowledges that it does boost up the immune system for some strange way. 3. People who believe in a Supreme Being find it easier to believe for a miraculous healing, compared to those who do not believe in any deity. For example, a person who believes in the Bible will find hope when he reads things in it that describe how his sickness has been transferred to another person who took his place on the cross. This gives him a visual picture to believe that he can indeed be healed. These people will also tend to encourage one another with quotations from the Bible, which other people may find weird or crazy, but for them, it alleviates their emotional pain and will actually eventually have an effect on their health. 4. The issue of condemnation is usually dealt with when a person comes to terms with spirituality. Inside every human being is the knowledge that he has done wrong and he needs to pay. This condemnation has been cited as the main cause for cells to self-destruct or to fight against one another. These may result in illnesses such as cancer or other cell-destroying sickness. When someone explores his spirituality and finds that he is already forgiven by this Supreme Being because God Himself made a way to provide for that forgiveness, he is released from the feeling of guilt and shame, setting him free from ailments caused by these negative feelings. The result may usually be gradual, as his spirituality takes effect first on his emotions and finally on his physical health.

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