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    Home Remedies for Cellulite

    Almost 90% of the women population in the world today battle cellulite, and while it's not actually a form of obesity, most women prefer to have it removed since it is very ugly to look at. Cellulite in itself is not a health condition, but rather the term used to describe the dimpling of the skin as a result of the accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous layers of the skin. There are several methods to eliminate cellulite from the body, but while they may be effective, most of them are expensive and cannot produce permanent results. If you’re looking for something that's both effective and cheap, why not try some home remedies? One of the many home remedies developed for cellulite removal is apple cider vinegar. For centuries now, apple cider vinegar has been used as treatment for arthritis, acne, eczema, and many more. Today, it is also used for the removal of cellulite. While you can simply apply the vinegar to your skin topically, most people prefer to drink it claiming that it is more effective that way. To make your own anti-cellulite juice, add 2 tablespoons of the vinegar to drinking water and sweeten it with some honey. For six weeks, drink the juice every morning after breakfast. Another popular natural remedy today is green tea. It has been proven effective not only for cellulite but for other health conditions as well. Known for its anti-inflammatory activity, green tea has been used to cure skin irritation caused by rashes of contact dermatitis. It contains theobromine, an active ingredient that helps in moisturizing the skin by penetrating deeply into the epidermis. It also has caffeine, another ingredient that's used for the treatment of cellulite. You have two options in using green tea for cellulite removal. You can either drink it in the form of juice, or apply it directly to your skin as you would massage oil. Coffee grounds are perhaps the most popular home remedy that people use nowadays for treating cellulite. It is considered as one of the most efficient anti-cellulite remedy today because of its ability to promote blood circulation. According to some experts, cellulite formation is a result of poor lymphatic and blood circulation, which results to the collection of fats in the skin layers. Caffeine, on the other hand, encourages healthy circulation, which leads to the elimination of toxins and fat deposits that cause cellulite formation. Most of the anti-cellulite products sold in the market today actually contain caffeine, but for better results, it would be best to apply coffee grounds directly in affected areas. You can mix some coffee grounds with lotion and place them in a wrap that you can use to cover your skin that has some cellulite. Using essential oils during a cellulite massage is also known to help eliminate the cottage cheese and orange peel appearance of the skin. Essential oils are mainly used for aromatherapy but have also been found effective in removing cellulite. They help improve circulation, an important factor for cellulite removal. They also help reduce fluid retention and get rid of toxins, which are both major causes of cellulite formation. Coconut oil is a good example of an essential oil that can be used against cellulite. Mix it with lemon or other natural ingredients and apply it directly to areas that are affected by cellulite, like your buttocks, legs, and thighs. If you’re not a fan of natural ingredients like plant extracts or anything similar to it, you can try skin brushing instead. Skin brushing is a method used to get rid of cellulite by brushing the skin, as if to iron it out and improve its appearance. For best results brush your skin with a cellulite brush four to five times a week before taking a nice shower. If you want to avoid having cellulite altogether, regular exercise can help. Brisk walking, jogging, and hiking are all good exercises that can help tighten the skin in your legs and buttocks. Not only does exercising help tighten your skin, it can also promote weight loss. There is no exact method that will remove cellulite completely, but if you try any of these home remedies, you will surely see some significant results after a few weeks. And you will lose nothing since all of these methods are safe, convenient, and easy on your budget. 0. Select ratingPoorOkayGoodGreatAwesome

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