Healthy Snack Recipes for the Mid Morning Hunger «

    Healthy Snack Recipes for the Mid Morning Hunger

    Ever get a craving for a mid morning snack? Well, I’m going to show you some healthy snack recipes to include into your healthy meal plans. When it comes to snacking, the best way to snack.. is raw, healthy snacks.. Our bodies actually need snacks during the run of a day. The word snack sometimes has a bad label attached to it, but when snacking properly, you can actually speed up your metabolism, have more energy, and you won’t feel like over-eating when the next meal time rolls around. During the run of a day you want to eat every 2-3 hours.. this is especially important if you lead an active lifestyle. You don’t want your body to get into a mode when it fears when its next meal is going to be coming around. Keep in mind, if you are eating 5-6 meals and snacks a day, you want to keep portion sizes down, and eat food that is nutrient dense. What does the term ” nutrient dense” mean you may ask. Well for starters you can eat an apple that has 100 calories, or you can eat a 100 calorie packet of chocolate drizzled rice cakes. Now, which one is the best choice, and which one is more nutrient dense… and why? Take into consideration an apple, it has a fibrous skin, it has an abundance of vitamins that are good for your body, that will stimulate your digestive system as well as your brain. Yes… your brain needs a lot of nutrients to function clearly and properly. Now we know how great an apple is.. now how about the 100 calorie packet of chocolate drizzled rice cakes? These are more often than not covered in sugar, and some form of preservative, as well as some hydrogenated oil. Sure its only 100 calories, but you’re better off eating the 100 calories from a wholesome food that is going to provide more than just empty calories. So back to good snack choices. An apple with 5-10 almonds. The apple has a high Glycemic Index ( meaning its more likely to spike your blood sugar levels) but when paired with the good fats and proteins in the almonds, this snack is sure to keep you satisfied until your next meal time. Veggies, any veggies, eat them up, they are always a good choice for a healthy snack, they may not keep you full for very long, but they will certainly keep you feeling great about your choice. If you need a dip, use a dip that is low in fat, not fat-free, but low fat.. our bodies actually need some sort of fat to absorb the nutrients from the vegetables, and this can in fact help keep you feeling more full.. If you’re feeling something sweet.. A plain brown rice – rice cake. With a tablespoon of all natural peanut butter, with a few slivers of a banana.. not only is this wholesome, but its also very delicious an very much like a desert. One of my personal favourite healthy snack recipes is my yogurt parfait. ½ a cup of fat free- low sugar yogurt. ½ a cup of frozen berries A small handful of your cereal of choice.. preferably a fibrous cereal such as fibre one, nature valley organic cereal or even a few mini wheats. 1 table spoon of flax seed These yogurt parfaits are perfect because if you put the frozen berries in, it will keep the parfait nice and cold until you are ready eat it. This is the perfect substitute for the parfaits that are pre made in cafes simply because you KNOW what you are putting in it, and you are making the choice to be knowledgeable about what you are consuming. Holding yourself accountable for what you eat is extremely important. Take the initiative.. you are what you eat, you choose to be healthy, and you should make that choice. Tagged with: Healthy, Snack

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