Health Tip: Getting My Child to Go to Sleep «

    Health Tip: Getting My Child to Go to Sleep

    (HealthDay News) — Your growing child needs a good night’s rest, and a consistent bedtime routine can make putting your youngster to bed a little less challenging. The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these suggestions: Make the time before bed “quiet time,” with a bath, book or soft music. Have your child go to bed at the same time each night. Let your child choose a favorite blanket or stuffed animal to take to bed. Just make sure there are no choking or strangulation hazards. Take care of your child’s preferences before bedtime, such as leaving the door slightly ajar, having a night light or having a drink of water. Your child should sleep in his own room, not yours. Don’t make a habit of going back into your child’s room each time the child cries or calls for you. Be patient if the child wakes at night or has trouble falling asleep.

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