Hair Care: How To Straighten Hair Like a Pro «

    Hair Care: How To Straighten Hair Like a Pro

    Urban legends abound in the beauty world. These are specific hair care myths and stories that get passed from woman to woman, generation to generation. They run the gamut, but consist of fanatical ideas women believe to be true like “split ends are reversible” and “pluck one grey hair and two will come to its funeral.” One of our personal favorite hair care fairytales is some women just wake up with naturally smooth and perfectly straight hair. Bull winkle. Sorry ladies, but we all have to work for the frizz-free sleek stylings we envy on models and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. Skip to see the hair care tips on how to straighten your hair like a pro. Any woman with curly, wavy hair, heck even “straight” hair should know that to get hair super smooth, some heat styling is in order. It is slightly unfair, but true. If you have pretty straight hair already, you likely only need the assistance of a blow dryer to get a sleek look, but if your hair has texture and is thick or course, you’ll need the almighty flat iron to achieve stick straight strands. Fear not though, with the right hair care preparation, straightening tips, and responsible use, you don’t have to fry your hair for it to look fabulous. Here to share the proper hair care tips needed to straighten your hair like a professional is celebrity hairstylist Amita Moticka, director of cutting education for diPietro Todd salons and academy. She shares scoop on how she keeps her A-list clients’ hair healthy and sleek, so you can finally copy those gorgeous, red carpet hairstyles you’ve been salivating over. By Anna Jimenez

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