Getting My Tail Handed To Me By Chris Haddad «

    Getting My Tail Handed To Me By Chris Haddad

    I recently got my tail handed to me in an interview I did with world famous copywriter Chris Haddad. Ok, maybe that s a slight exaggeration, but it did sting a bit. Chris is one of those genius guys, the kind that can write the most amazing sales copy you ve ever read. Just for sport, and if you re chosen, he will critique your sales letter. Chris agreed to critique mine and I agreed to allow him to record it for the world to see. This process was about as fun as a root canal. Here s an example of the maestro in action. One of the questions that Chris asked me (which is the crux of this entire post) was, Who are you writing this sales letter to? In other words, who is Jet Set Life s target market demographic? I quickly responded that we have two market demos. The Jet Setter who buys our Secret List and the aspirational Jet Setter who joins our Muse Membership (our discussion was about the muse membership page). Chris then asked me to describe the person as if he or she were sitting in front of me. Exactly who would he be and what would he want? I said that he we would probably be a 30 year old guy working in a cubicle that is married with two kids living in the suburbs, that hates his job and wants to live a jet set life. Sounds perfect, right? Sure, except for one thing, my wife didn t agree. So, I began to investigate. Did you ever have one of those things that gets under your skin and you just can t stop thinking about it? Well, this was exactly that such thing for me. I went back and reviewed a few of the emails I received from new members of Secrets of Successful Muses. I wanted to look for clues to who they were and what they were after. Eventually, after much digging, I found that I didn t know what the hell I was talking about! I had no basis to draw those original conclusions. I just assumed them. And yes, I was wrong! My search found a commercial airline pilot, an aerospace design engineer and a painter. Not one of them worked in a cubicle. In fact, many of them were serious professionals. What did they all have in common? They were all tired of swapping hours for dollars and wanted more. The more part is what they (we) all had in common. I realized that everyone who is into having a jet set life wants the same thing. To have time and money to do what they love travel. We can create all the videos and guidebooks of the all the jet set sexiest places on the planet, but if you don t have those two currencies, time and money, you re going to be watching from the sidelines. I realized that the Jet Setters that I had been reaching out to is not who I thought they were. Woops, talk about a big mistake.

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