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    Georgia on My Mind

    If you are in the process of planning for an upcoming vacation you may have a few ideas as to where you intend to go. If not, then you should give a bit of consideration to vacationing in the state of Georgia. This vacation destination has much to offer the visiting tourist. Just give the state the chance to show you what it has available. We have been to Atlanta many times and it is always exciting. Atlanta s major league sports teams offer year round attractions. Something is always in season! We have attended several college football events in the Georgia Dome. Always a fun weekend. There is a world class aquarium next to the convention center. And the kids always enjoy Six Flags Over Georgia. Georgia Frontier Days, celebrated at Stone Mountain between April 30 and May 3, offer a fun way to visit the 1700s and 1800s. The Yellow Daisy Festival, held between September 10 and 13 at Stone Mountain, is a music and craft fair. You can stay in one of the nearby motels or camp out at the Stone Mountain Park Campground. As an example I would like to provide you with a short glimpse of what this small state actual can provide. Foremost in my mind is the opportunity to experience the most amazing adventure that you may ever have. The states activities are just about endless with its vast landscapes and inviting scenery that is certain to present rest and relaxation for the weariest of visitors. You can readily discover many relaxing activities such as hiking, cycling or even boating. Least of all let us not downsize the entertainment aspect associated with the state. Georgia nightlife represents a very vibrant side of the state with energetic or relaxing music as well as places to experience some undiscovered fine dining. These are all yours for the mere visit to the fine sate of Georgia. If you happen to be traveling with your family you will find an abundance of fun and exciting activities in the various amusement parks around the state, various tourist attractions such as zoos, resorts and museums. The list is actually too numerous to mention all of them here. If you are up to the action and looking for some real fun you might wish to check out some of the small towns within this state for the various festivals and their monthly events. Take some time to mingle with both the other visitors as well as the locals. This is a sure fire means to get around to knowing the people and to acquire and insight into the local culture and history. Generally you will find that there is something in this state for everyone. Actually this is a state where not only will vacationers find something to occupy their time but in the event that you may be planning a business meeting here your gathering will surely be a great success. You can readily find many different convention centers in Georgia which offer state of the art accommodations and facilities

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