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    Concealer Brush

    Sable brushes tend to become blocked with cream, whereas a synthetic brush glides smoothly through the product, picking up just enough to distribute evenly. Generally, to help you make the right choice between natural and synthetic brushes for particular tasks, always imagine the texture of the product they will be moving through. Liquid concealers , first dab the product onto the back of your free hand. Use the full, flat side of the Concealer Brush to pick up an even layer of product, and apply as directed above. Because these types of concealers usually have a thin consistency, you may need to layer product to achieve desired level of coverage. Concealing minor discolorations and blemishes , use the tip of the Concealer Brush and gently dab concealer directly on the discolored area. Flip the brush to the “clean” side and use this to carefully feather out the edges of concealer, being sure not to remove concealer from the epicenter of the discoloration or blemish. Let dry, and set with loose or pressed powder.

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