Best Natural Skin Moisturizers for dry, oily and sensitive skin «

    Best Natural Skin Moisturizers for dry, oily and sensitive skin

    Moisture in the skin helps it look young and supple. Our skin loses water constantly through exposure to the air and the elements. Remember the simple equation – the more water your skin loses, the drier it gets. The rate of water loss is accelerated through climatic conditions, air conditioning and physical exercise. The biggest incriminator is the sun. Add to this the fact that with the change in our environment, the intensity of the sun’s rays has increased drastically over the past decades. This tends to dry our skin even more. Age also plays a part in this water loss – the older your skin is, the less able it is to hold in the moisture effectively. That is why we perceive dry skin to be aging skin, and moisturized skin as young skin. Moisturizers protect your skin’s top layer by holding in water and smoothing surface dryness. Think of a moisturizer as a bodyguard for your skin, guarding against any moisture or water from escaping the surface. They also prepare your skin for makeup, which glides on more easily and looks prettier on a smooth complexion. But most important, moisturizers make your facial skin more supple and healthy. Today it has become essential to use moisturizers at all ages, especially after twenty. KINDS OF MOISTURIZERS There are numerous brands of moisturizers available, each with a variety of ingredients in them. What are the different kinds of moisturizers and which is right for you? There are three basic categories of moisturizers – those meant for dry, normal and oily skins. In addition, you will come across moisturizers with a lot of special ingredients. The following discussion is illustrative of the kinds of moisturizers available to help you choose the right moisturizer according to your requirements. Moisturizers for Dry Skin Moisturizers formulated specially for dry skin prevent water loss. They contain oily substances that ’sit’ on the skin’s surface and prevent evaporation. Remember, dry skin lacks water, not oil, so most oily substances moisturize dry skin by preventing evaporation. Women over the age of forty – five, whose skin tends to be drier, may find that oil-based moisturizers work best because they are thicker and richer than oil-free products. Moisturizers for Normal Skin These formulations contain tiny droplets of oil dispersed in water with the help of an emulsifying agent. When these moisturizers are properly applied to the skin in a thin layer, the oil and water combine and get absorbed into the skin. The oil lies inside each molecule, surrounded by water, so that when you put on the emulsion, you feel the water first. These moisturizers are drier and less greasy on your skin than those meant for dry skin. Moisturizers for Oily Skin Good news for the shiny-faced: you may not have to use a moisturizer at all, because your skin’s natural oils may protect it from water loss. But even oily skin can have dry patches during seasons like winter when the oil content may be adequate but since the water content is less the skin might still feel dry. You should use an oil-free moisturizer to tackle this kind of dryness. Oil-free moisturizers contain ingredients that work like oil to help seal water into your skin, without an oily feel and without causing breakouts. Though they’re not quite as thick and rich as oils, these ingredients will effectively hydrate your skin. They work especially well if you’re prone to acne or tend to get breakouts during your menstrual cycle, because many oil-enriched products may occlude pores, leading to zits.

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