Are you lonely ? Better avoid being lonely to stay healthy «

    Are you lonely ? Better avoid being lonely to stay healthy

    Nowadays several factors have been recorded to determine, more or less, a feeling of loneliness. According to a poll, approximately 20% of the globe population are lonely, irrespective of sex, age or social status. It has been shown that most at risk are women, single parents, the widowed and the unemployed whereas married men with jobs and cars are the least likely to be lonely. Young mothers whose activity is reduced to staying in and looking after their little children are particularly vulnerable to loneliness and depression especially when the transition from working life to housebound mother has been a sudden one. We live in a couple-orientated society, so single parents feel cut off from it and find it hard to accept their status under the circumstances. Similarly, the divorced show a lack of self-esteem and so do the widowed. They miss companionship so badly that they would willingly throw themselves into the arms of an unsatisfactory kind of partner only to put an end to the misfortune of being on their own. Unemployment can also lead to loneliness, as so many of our social contacts are made through work. The young and the elderly are also affected. On most occasions, teenagers’ natural shyness may make them awkward in the company of their peers, especially their opposite sex. Elderly people, when on retirement move to a new area, may be isolated from their families and old friends and things can be even more complicated when illness and disability, even the fear of going out alone, turn pensioners into prisoners in heir own homes. By the way, You may like to check social security disability benefits for more information on social security benefits. So, what is there to do to avoid the feeling of loneliness? It is not a disease recorded in medical books, maybe just a symptom among a long series of other characterizing different mental conditions of the modern man. Yet, it is a problem that seems to affect quite a number of us and we should start thinking seriously of a remedy from within ourselves.

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