A Case Against Flat-Ironing Hair «

    A Case Against Flat-Ironing Hair

    Last summer I was in London and I was blown away by how anemic hair looked there. The trend of the moment was blonde or dirty blonde hair that had been flat-ironed stick straight like Nicole Kidman’s hair, pictured here. The result was flat and lifeless hair. It also seemed as if no woman had much hair at all, it was if all the blondes in London had been born with a thin sheet of super fine hair. What was likely happening was this: their hairdressers were thinning the hair out so it would fall in perfect sheets on either side of the face. Not every woman looks great with this type of hairstyle. Gwyneth Paltrow can get away with it because she has a square, angular face. Women with round faces look good in this look because the hair hangs like a curtain, essentially masking roundness on the sides of the face. But if you have a thin or long face? You look best with some body in your hair. Note how much younger and better Nicole Kidman looks in this picture here.

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