9 Tips to Faking a Toned Body «

    9 Tips to Faking a Toned Body

    Don’t worry, we know. We know how hard it is to get to the gym as often as you’d like. We know it’s easier to push that elevator button instead of walking up those three flights of stairs at the dentist. We know “Bagel Fridays” at work have you bummin’ because you just can’t seem to resist the cream-cheesy goodness that calls to you at your desk. And we know that for once you want to wear a bikini to the beach without having to tie a sarong covered in turtles around your butt. Like we said, we know. What you don’t know, but are about to find out, is that you can make your body look thinner and more toned with some sneaky and super smart makeup, hairstyle, nutrition and quick fitness tips. Skip to see them now. Are we suggesting the best way to fight body fat is with foolery? No, of course not. Can we all sympathize with having a hectic agenda that doesn’t always allow us to pump iron on a regularly scheduled program? Why yes, of course we can. Should our less-than-perfect time-management skills or love of Pinkberry be punishable by thicker thighs or a belly pouch when swimsuit season is upon us or we have a wedding to attend? Well, that depends on whom you’re asking. We happen to think not, so in an effort to comfort you (and admittedly ourselves), we went to the top experts in health and beauty to get the secrets to shedding excess bloat (fast!) and making your body look more toned with beauty tricks. Here’s who we called on: Makeup artist Landy Dean and hairstylist Katie Seguin from the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City, celebrity fitness and lifestyle expert Ashley Borden, and tanning expert to the stars Jimmy Coco, for proven ways to make your face and body appear like you didn’t cancel your last two personal training appointments. Don’t be confused, this is NOT the lazy girl’s guide to getting a better body, meaning, you’ll still need to hit the gym and eat sensibly to get into great shape. These tips won’t magically turn you into Giselle BUT your body will look more toned after exploring these health and beauty tips to feign a better body — think of them as smoke and mirrors. By Anna Jimenez

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