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    9 Easy Hairstyle Makeover Tricks

    Alright, so not everyone wants a complete beauty overhaul. Just because the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve allotting 365 new days, and therefore more time to “save” ourselves from previous mistakes, doesn’t mean you have to chop all your hair off and bleach it blonde to get a new lease on life. It is possible to create totally new hairstyles without a cut and color transformation. Bottom line: This doesn’t have to be the glass-slipper-pumpkin-driving-you-to-the-future-of-your-dreams type of New Year scenario, OK? There are small, quick ways you can update and slightly alter your look for a fresh start. Skip to see 9 easy hairstyle makeover tricks now. “New Year, New You” only really means it’s a new year and a new you can feel empowered to mix old things up. With small tweaks, embellishments and ingenuity, you can turn the hairstyle you currently have into a hairstyle you might not have known about or thought was possible — it’s true. To prove it we went to celebrity hairstylist Johnny Lavoy, artistic director and owner of Moda-Rey Salon & Spa. He shared easy ways to update your hair, no scissors necessary. The following celebrities are shining examples of the easy hair tweaks we’re suggesting: Olivia Wilde, Rachel Zoe, Mila Kunis, Gwen Stefani, Kate Bosworth, Garcelle Beauvais, Keri Hilson, Jennifer Lopez, and Lea Michelle. Now, see Lavoy’s 9 easy tricks to making over your hairstyle.

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