7 Reasons Why You Should Take Vitamin C «

    7 Reasons Why You Should Take Vitamin C

    Vitamin C has several health benefits. Supplements are required when the regular intake of the vitamin falls short of daily requirements due to a deficiency in your diet. There may be some debate about the dosage but there is no doubt about the wide range of benefits it offers. Here are some facts that may inspire you to incorporate more foods that are rich in Vitamin C into your diet. 1. Vitamin C is essential for repairing body tissue and for development and growth. Many body functions such as iron absorption, collagen formation and boosting of the immune system are enhanced by vitamin C. This vitamin also plays a vital role in maintaining teeth, cartilage and bones and in healing wounds. 2. Vitamin C is one of the antioxidants that provides protection against free radicals and toxic chemicals. These free radicals are harmful molecules that build up, causing serious ailments like heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Polluting agents and smoking are factors that contribute to the accumulation of free radicals. 3. Research has revealed that Vitamin C prevents serious complications that may result from the common cold. When you are affected by a flu or a cold, intake of Vitamin C in the prescribed amount can prevent lung infections and pneumonia. 4. When the body’s immune system is weakened due to stress, foods rich in Vitamin C may be helpful. Several studies have revealed that Vitamin C is one of the prime nutrients that gets depleted in smokers, alcoholics and obese people. Such people should ensure that their levels of Vitamin C remain stable by taking regular supplements, if necessary. 5. Vitamin C has been associated with glowing skin. This vitamin affects both the exterior and interior cells of the body. Regular intake of adequate Vitamin C lowers the risk of skin dryness and wrinkles. It also reduces premature signs of aging skin. 6. People with sufficient quantities of Vitamin C have a lower risk of heart attack than those who are deficient. The reasons are not completely understood, however, it may be attributed to the dietary habits of individuals. Those who have high levels of Vitamin C in their blood usually eat fresh vegetables and fruits, and this may make them less susceptible to cardiac problems. 7. With advancing age, some people develop acute macular degeneration. This is a condition whereby your central visual field is impaired due to damage to the retina. Some studies have shown that patients suffering from this problem may improve their condition by taking Vitamin C supplements. After being exposed to all these interesting facts, you may be feeling the urge to indulge in foods that are rich in Vitamin C or in Vitamin C supplements. However, you may feel skeptical about the side effects of overdose. Not to worry – Vitamin C is not stored in the human body and there is no danger of overdose. If you are getting the vitamin through food then there is no issue at all. If you are taking it as a supplement, then it is best to limit it to 2000 milligrams per day. Tagged with: Vitamin C

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