6 Readers Put an At-Home Hair Color Foam to the Test «

    6 Readers Put an At-Home Hair Color Foam to the Test

    Change can be difficult. Think about it. Don’t you miss the days when gas cost less than $3? Or, say, when women’s jeans were skinnier than men’s or not every single person (and their mother) had a tattoo? But, while some things are better left alone, change can, admittedly, be good — especially when it comes to innovative hair care. While at-home hair color has always existed in liquid forms, the new Nice ‘n Easy Color Blend Foam, $9.99 is an interesting way to apply hair color as the dye has a frothy foam texture. The foam behaves like a solid when it’s in your hands or on your head, so it doesn’t drip through your fingers or from your hair. And when you’re applying it, the foam acts like a liquid, making it easy to spread. The foam collapses into your hair immediately and surrounds and coats each individual strand for quick (but even!) absorption. But the million-dollar question is, does it work? We asked our readers to try the product and put it to the test. See what they thought — you know, just in case you’re craving some change in your own life

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