5 Top Fitness Tips for Woman to get a toned and Beautiful Body «

    5 Top Fitness Tips for Woman to get a toned and Beautiful Body

    1. Watch your food- Food is the main factor in keeping fit. Your food can keep you fit or unfit. Eat more lean protein. Proteins build your body muscles. It helps in burning body fat. So you can keep your body fat under watch and so you will not be obese. Proteins will help you keep it. Also avoid too much oil and fat. They create different irregularities in your body and also increase the fat in your body. Fat deposition is very bad for your body weight and for your heart. So avoid them. Eat less sugar and avoid alcohol. These are really bad for your fitness and they can imbalance your body and fitness. 2. Walk as much as you can – Walking is very good for your fitness. Women can keep fit just by walking. Walking brings in many advantages like lower body fat, it burns calorie, higher metabolic rate, reduction in stress, stronger muscles etc. It is very good as an exercise. A 30 minute walk every morning can do wonders to your fitness and health. Women should specially do it. 3. Drink lots of water – It helps in keeping the body fluid level intact. It also helps in losing fat. It also washes away waste materials from your body. Water detoxifies women bodies, liver, kidneys. 3 liters of water everyday is good for you. 4. Do regular Exercise – Exercising regularly is very essential for women to keep fit. You can exercise as you want. If you like you can join a gym and get the tips from trained trainers. This way you can also build a slim and trim body to have a sexy look. If you are not interested in going to a gym, then you can start freehand exercise at the nearest park or garden. Even walking or running will do wonders to your body. Yoga is another good form of exercise to do, which improves many aspects of your life. 5. Do Regular Stretching – Do stretching of your body at least once a day. When you stretch your body, it improves flexibility of your body. It also improves coordination of limbs, blood circulation in your body which is good for your body fitness. You should repeat it 2-3 times a day, if possible, with 2-3 times stretching at one time.

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