12 Tips to Loose Weight after Pregnancy «

    12 Tips to Loose Weight after Pregnancy

    Here are few tips on How to loose weight after Pregnancy. After pregnancy every women put on extra weight(which is normal). Now learn how to loose this excess weight after pregnancy - 1. Water- Drink 10-12 glasses of water. This is the amount you should drink each and every day. Add a pinch of lemon to it and that will help you in cutting fat from your body. 2. Avoid high sugar beverages. They add sugars and calories to your body. When you avoid it, then you are actually cutting calories. This helps in weight loss after pregnancy 3. Eat whole grains; they are better for your body than thei “white” counterparts. 4. Lean meats are better for you after delivery to reduce the excess weight. 5. Healthy snacks are better than junk foods. You can take raisins, wheat crackers etc. 6. Remove fast food from the food list. Fast food will increase your weight and will create obstacle in your way to weight loss. 7. Start light excersiing. This helps. You can take a walk or take the stairs instead of the lift. But there should be a gap before you start all these. Ask your doctor before you start them. 8. When you are fit and ready to go, then start the real exercise. You will have to exercise to shed the extra pounds you put on during pregnancy. But doctor's advice is again needed. You can start light exercises and then go for the heavier ones. Increase your walking time. Take the baby along with you. Get a friend, who will walk with you. Keep doing this activity everyday. 9. Breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is another calorie burner. You can burn up to 500 calories per day by breastfeeding the baby. 10. You can also join a gym, if you want to. Get a good instructor, tell him that you have just returned after delivery. Also tell him what your doctor told about exercising. He will help you in finding the right exercise for you. Follow this under observation. 11. Try to be realistic. Do not try to get the shape and weight that you had before pregnancy. Set a realistic goal and then work towards it. Do not try too hard or start dieting just after delivery. It will create other health problems for you. 12. Getting the old weight back takes some time. Give some time to your body to adjust before you push it too hard. It may take 5-8 months for you to get back the old weight limit. So be patient and work on. 4. Select ratingPoorOkayGoodGreatAwesome

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