10 Believable Ways to Wear Hair Extensions «

    10 Believable Ways to Wear Hair Extensions

    Ever look at celebrity hairstyles on the red carpet and wonder: How on earth does she have such voluminous, flowing, lust-worthy hair? Or, how did her straight chin-length bob turn into a long, wavy look over the course of the weekend? Skip to see 10 believable ways to wear hair extensions now. Well, just like most things in Hollywood are phony, the hairstyles you envy are no exception. They are, as you might assume, fake — fake as in they couldn’t be achieved without the help of hair extensions. Faux hair is a celebrity hairstylist’s secret weapon. While some are made out of real hair and others are synthetic, they all do wonders for changing up a look or hairstyle in a flash. But in “real life” (nowhere near the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood), hair extensions have the potential to look either totally gorgeous or completely cheesy and ridiculous. We’ve found that it’s all about the way you wear them that makes the difference. Clip-in and wrap around pieces worn the right way, can be your ticket to getting fuller, thicker, or longer hair in seconds, and with the right styling, you’ll no longer be resigned to tacky, obviously fake hair. You can wear believable fake hair — you just have to know how. To prove it, we challenged one of our editors to create 10 easy DIY looks you can copy using faux hair purchased at your local beauty supply store and a few key

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